Supervised Care

In some circumstances, a parent may not be capable of having care of a child without being supervised by another family member or a professional.

Supervision of a parent’s care of a child will normally be in circumstances where there is a history of family violence or abuse, or when one parent has had little exposure to, or care of, the child in the past.

Imposing a supervision requirement on a parent’s care of a child is a serious consideration and should not be entered into lightly. Supervision may be a difficult experience for parents and children, and can also be expensive.

Professional supervision providers are located throughout the Perth Metropolitan Area, as well as some rural areas. Their services can range from little to no cost, to around $100 per hour for supervision services.

Some supervision providers will require the parties to have Court Orders before supervision can be provided.

In most circumstances, the Court will impose a supervision requirement with the hope that it will eventually no longer be needed. However, there may be situations where a final, permanent Supervision Order is required in order to protect the child.

Supervision can also be ordered for handovers only. This will allow a parent’s care to be unsupervised, but a supervision provider will be present as the parents hand over care of the children to one another at the beginning and end of their time. This is usually to prevent conflict between parents at hand over times when they must be in close proximity to each other.

If you would like to learn more about supervision, or are looking for a provider, you can contact one of the providers below. This is a non-exhaustive list, and there are many providers around Western Australia that you can search for.

  • The Perth Children’s Contact Service on (08) 9480 0646 or
  • Anglicare on (08) 9263 2104 or their website concerning metro and rural supervised care here.
  • Centrecare on (08) 9325 6644 or their website concerning rural contact services here.
  • Relationships Australia on 1300 364 277 or their website concerning child contact services here.
  • Safe Oasis Solutions at
  • For FIFO workers and their families, Safe Balance, at
  • Building Bridges at


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