Working on Your Relationship

If you and your partner are experiencing tension in your relationship, you may wish to explore working with your partner on repairing your relationship, before a separation occurs. Marriage or relationship counselling can assist with this.

Marriage and long-term relationships can benefit greatly from counselling, at many stages throughout the life of the relationship. Family counselling may also be helpful for children of a relationship that is going through challenges or changes. Further, individual counselling may assist and/or complement family or relationship counselling and aid in any challenges you may be experiencing in your relationships.

Marriage and relationship counselling is offered by a number of organisations, both publically and privately. You can contact your GP for more information, as well as search for a local counsellor in your area.

For public services, you can contact the Family Relationship Centre. The Family Relationship Centre is a family support service run by the federal government. You can learn more by visiting a local Centre in your community or heading to their website at You can also contact Anglicare for relationship counselling on (08) 9263 2050 or visit their website at, or contact Centrecare on (08) 9325 6644 or visit their website at


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